I recently got the pleasure and honor of going to Mis_Nessah’s YouTube Launch High Tea. I have known Vanessa for a couple of months now and I must say she is a force that you will feel, her vibrant and elegant vibrations make you notice when she is around. I guess it’s true what they say , dynamite comes in small packages. I was so inspired by the launch and how much work she puts into her art, I had to do a mini interview so all of you could get a chance to know this beautiful fashion and beauty blogger.

Who is Vanessa Chilimanzi?

Vanessa is a fashion fanatic, fashion industry mogul in the making.

What is your blog about?

My blog gives you the low down on all things fashion and beauty. I share my personal style, beauty and makeup tips as well as fashion tips.

Why did you become a YouTuber?

I felt that I needed to expand my blog and this was the next step to get my brand out into the world.

What is your content creation process like?

It starts with reading magazines, blogs or watching Fashion TV or E Entertainment for inspiration then I do research once I have decided on a topic. I then organize a photo shoot (location, atmosphere and the overall vibe adds to the tone of my writing) and the writing process can take anything from an hour to 5 ( I rarely write in one day).

What fashion rules do you live by

Fashion has no rules! I am a creative and I do not conform.

What can we expect on your blog and YouTube ?

More of whatever people want to see relating to fashion and beauty.lol

How do you view the Zimbabwean / South African blogging society?

This is something I am very vocal about. The blogging society is so divided and its painful to witness such. You would think it being a growing industry there would be support amongst ourselves but dololo. However, I think I am now tired of talking about it so I just do my part and everyone else can just do as they please.

There you have it Royals, this Queen is going places , her simplicity brings class and elegance to anything she is involved in. I pray for her hunger to grow and her success to increase with every step she takes. Please do look her up and follow , like , comment and subscribe. I will leave all her links down below. Support our own! I hope the coming week is productive and amazing for all of my RisoRoyals.. love and light lovelies. xX












3 Comments Add yours

  1. Zanele Mondi says:

    Love the interview giris and the pictures look awesome.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Mis_Nessah says:

    Thank you huns for the never-ending support


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