Fro Love … 

Ola lovelies! Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. Today’s post is about my hair routine, as some of you know, I did the big chop in February 2016 then I experimented a little then I did a Zuda (bald head) in July 2016 and I have been growing my natural hair since.

I usually have a protective styling installed , like box braids, a weave or what I’m really into these days, cornrows for wigs. I love them especially in this heat, I can just take that wig off and and give my hair a breather. 

Essential Products I use. 

  • Castor oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Olive oil 
  • Water 

    These are products I mix together in a spray bottle and I spritz on my head daily. Just to keep my hair moisturized and happy. 

    Wash Day 

    • Head and Shoulders anti dandruff African Scalp & Hair Care shampoo
    • Head and Shoulders anti dandruff African Scalp & Hair Care Scalp Moisturizer
    • Mayonnaise 
    • Eggs 
    • Avocado (if I don’t eat it lol!)

      After I wash my hair with the Head & Shoulders shampoo that I got in Clicks for ZAR80 (I THINK) I mix their scalp moisturizer with mayo, 1 egg and a quarter of an avocado. I mix it thoroughly and apply it on my scalp and hair, I massage it into my hair and then wear a Pick n Pay plastic bag on my head and chill for like 20 minutes then I rinse it out with warm water, I pat my hear with a T-shirt till all the excess water is out. I apply Castor oil on my hair line and scalp then I braid my hair into individual braids, I usually finger comb my hair, I never comb it unless I want my Afro to pop. My routine is very simple, I usually do it every time I take out my protective styling and I wash my hair. I think I also have good genes as everyone in my family has beautiful thick hair. 

      My Personal Do’s and Don’ts 

      • Do visit a professional salon that caters to African hair once in a while.
      • Do trim your hair every 3 months.
      • Do moisturize your hair (if you’re lazy like me, the spritz bottle is heaven sent).
      • Do take care of your hairline, don’t have it pulled and tugged and not just on your forehead but at the back as well. 
      • Do appreciate other peoples hair but yours rocks more because it is yours , so love it as it is. 
      • Do find a hair stylists who listens to you and what you want. If they tell you no don’t worry what I’m doing is better then get out of that chair, you know what works for you and don’t let them try to one up you with their quick schemes so they can find other customers. 
      • Don’t use heat often, if you must blow dry your hair then do it at the lowest temperature possible otherwise just do twist outs or mabhanzi for it to straighten.
      • Don’t use too many products , product build up is nasty and clogs your scalp.
      • Don’t rush the process, hair grows differently and allow your hair to find it’s own groove.
      • Don’t jump from one routine to the other, give a routine a chance for your hair to adjust to it and flourish. 

        As I have said, my routine is very simple and amateur honestly, I will try to do a”real routine” for three months from December, what natural hair line would you recommend I try out and how much would it cost. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section and help a sister out. Otherwise love and light lovelies, I hope you have an amazing week! xX


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        1. Fatima says:

          Love love your hair I can’t believe it’s only a year old😳

          Liked by 1 person

          1. RisoJeradi says:

            Thanks! Good genes and all natural products really help.


        2. bridgetSays says:

          oh my word!!!!!! i have totally fallen for your crown

          Liked by 1 person

          1. RisoJeradi says:

            Awwww thank you love


        3. Pwlynn says:

          Mmm you go gal I really love your hair and thanks for the tips. Your hair is really beautiful and healthy…I’m so jealous 😜 right now and inspired at the same time.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. RisoJeradi says:

            Thank you love … I’m sure your hair is just as beautiful ♥️♥️


        4. chantel says:

          Makes me wanna cut my hair…and start growin a fro…u damn gorgie girl
 e hair…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. RisoJeradi says:

            Buy lots of wigs babe !! Or you can transition then cut off later


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